KalcMate is an Electrical Load Calculation program that is written for the design professional who produce electrical plans for the construction industry. KalcMate uses Microsoft Excel®.

Clients include Electrical Engineers, Electrical Designers, Electrical Contractors, Electrical Draftsmen and Architects. KalcMate provides complete Electrical Load Calculations for electrical distribution systems, Fault Current Calculations, Voltage Drop Calculations, Arc Flash Hazard Calculations and equipment schedule templates for any facility that has electrical distribution equipment. This includes commercial buildings, industrial buildings, medical facilities, schools, restaurants, multi-family dwelling complexes, single-family dwellings and more. And, it is specifically designed to provide schedules, calculation tables, notes, symbols, abbreviations and a One Line Diagram that can be copied and pasted into CAD programs or other construction documents.

KalcMate supports up to 300 pieces of electrical equipment in a single Excel file. A KalcMate Workbook is custom built to reflect the electrical distribution system for the building that it represents. If a ten story office building has one service entrance section, ten 480 volt panelboards, ten stepdown transformers and ten 208 volt panelboards, the KalcMate Electrical Load Calculation Program file contains thirty-two calculation worksheets. There is one calculation worksheet for the service entrance section, one calculation worksheet for the fault current / voltage drop / arc flash hazard calculations, ten calculation worksheets for the 480 volt panelboards, ten calculation worksheets for the stepdown transformers and ten calculation worksheets for the 208 volt panelboards.

All worksheets are automatically linked together so the calculation for each piece of equipment includes all electrical loads that it feeds. Links are automatic, so changes and additions in the most remote panelboard are included in the Service Entrance Section and all equipment in between.

If you produce electrical plans for the construction industry, KalcMate will save you time and money. It is easy to use, thorough and accurate. On-line tutorial videos demonstrate how to use features in the program. Click on “Watch Video” above to see how quickly and easily a KalcMate Workbook is built. Get started today!