• Complete Distribution System Calculations
  • Panel Schedules with Load Calculations
  • Transformer Calculations
  • Equipment Schedules
  • Fault Current Calculations
  • Voltage Drop Calculations
  • Standard and Optional Multi-Family Dwelling Calculations
  • Standard and Optional Single Family Dwelling Calculations
  • Plug-In Bus Duct Calculations
  • Transfer Switch Calculations
  • Handles up to 300 pieces of electrical equipment
  • Based on the calculations in the National Electrical Code
  • Arc Flash Hazard Calculations
Complete Distribution System Calculations

The KalcMate Electrical Load Calculation Program allows you to create a complete set of electrical load calculations and electrical equipment schedules for electrical distribution systems in buildings and residences. Each piece of electrical distribution equipment in a building electrical distribution system can be included in a KalcMate Workbook as a Calculation Worksheet. These Calculation Worksheets can then be exported to a CAD program or other document file using the Windows Clipboard.

KalcMate Workbooks are built just like an actual electrical distribution system. When a Service Entrance Section is to be added to a building, a Service Entrance Section Calculation Worksheet is inserted into the KalcMate Workbook. When a panelboard is fed from the Service Entrance Section, a Panelboard Worksheet is inserted into the KalcMate Workbook and its electrical load is automatically added to the Service Entrance Section Worksheet. Just as you build a One Line Diagram for a building, you build a KalcMate Workbook. And, all Worksheets get linked together to form a complete set of Load Calculations and Schedules.

A complete set of electrical calculations for a building can be assembled into a KalcMate Workbook in a matter of minutes. And, if your CAD program or other construction document application supports OLE links, last minutes changes are easily done. If a pump gets added to the most remote panelboard the day before your project goes out, all you need to do is add that pump and its electrical load to the panelboard. Its load is automatically included in all of the equipment feeding that panelboard up to the service entrance section. You only enter the information once, saving you time!