KalcMate - Electrical Load Calculation Program - Purchase

Download and install the Trial Version of KalcMate Electrical Load Calculation Program prior to purchasing. In order to purchase a license for the KalcMate Software, you will need your computer identification code.

Your computer identification code can be found in the KalcMate “About” Window. Launch KalcMate and press the “About” button on the right side of the KalcMate Legend screen. If you are using the Trial Version of the program, a dialog box appears with an “Identify Computer” button. Press this button. The computer identification will be copied to your clipboard.

If you are purchasing several licenses or plan to purchase a license from a different computer, you will need the computer identification codes and email addresses for each computer that is to be licensed. If you are purchasing one license from the computer to be licensed, launch KalcMate, press “About” and click on the link to purchase a license.

Annual License Fee - $149.00
Three Year License Fee - $375.00

Purchase online

Annual License Fee - $149.00

Three Year License Fee - $375.00

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