Building a KalcMate Workbook

This 6 minute video demonstrates many of the features of the KalcMate Program. See how quick and easy it is to build a Calculation Workbook, where all pieces of equipment are linked together. You enter an electrical load only once! Every electrical load you enter into a piece of equipment, such as a panelboard, is automatically included in every upstream piece of equipment. And, KalcMate applies the proper demand factor or diversity at each piece of equipment.

Place a circuit breaker or a group of circuit breakers with just two mouse button clicks. Insert a standard note by placing the cursor in a Notes field and selecting the note from a dialog box. Select specifications, such as type of enclosure, current rating, mounting, etc. from pull down menus. Place HVAC equipment and motors loads easily by selecting motor horsepower or HVAC unit tonnage.

There are 45 tutorial videos (over 7 hours and 50 minutes) that can be launched directly from the KalcMate Help Screens. The Tutorial Videos are accessed through the internet.